the Dirt Portal MkIII

the Dirt Portal MkIII
Ever wonder what our webmaster been doing for the past months? We welcome our 3rd generation Dirtraction portal, where we hope to deliver contents to you in a more direct manner. The new portals combines our main corporate website with our informal offthebike blog, plugging the information blackhole between them. and more importantly, tablet and ...

adapting ideas to our climate

Nope we haven’t run out of ideas, but yes we are getting to the technical trail building bit, more carpentry, less mud and granite work. firstly, some older issues. With the dual log in place of turn 2 of snake slope, I guess that basic problem can be addressed with simple Appalachian Armoring. Always great ...

Park around

One of the first touchbase meeting with Nparks officials. Max, Ling and me represent the cycling end of the deal and we go through the plans, a surprising think 30pages proposal to Nparks. We got to thanks those who work that document in 2 days.