Woody Fun

Woody Fun
Climb ON! Singapore Games Mountain Bike Speed Trials captures a total refreshing way to ‘play’ while racing. It’s our first urban race and we are encouraged by the smiles on the competitor faces, and the awed by the crowd.teeter, that seesaw, that’s easy, ain’t it? Even our Master John, whom we had fun playin around ...

Date August

Date August

Phat Tyre Sunday ballooned!

    DirTraction’s “Phat Tyre Sunday MTB Race at Tampines” Tampines Mountain Biking Trail, Singapore, 19 August 2007 Top Regional Riders steal the show at the Phat-tastic and Tyre-ring race!   It was indisputably the biggest gathering of international and local phat-tyre swingers to hit Singapore trails since the International Subaru races! Over 260 participants ...

the Battle is won

&quoPhew! what a weekend. been great getting this race together and we hope you guys get the share of fun too! here’s what’s important, and for the rest do enjoy the photos and videos. Race Results Media Coverage congratulations to our pan pacific city chase quiz winner, Sean Lee Chun Meng!

Bird’s Eye view : Anti Drug Tour

Bird's Eye view : Anti Drug Tour
HM’s took the hot seat again as Director Sportiff for Team SACA in Anti Drug Tour of Thailand, a 4-day stage race in Kanchanaburi and Rachaburi province of Thailand. Our DirT crew insists he shares his spring time break away from the mud.

Battle’ at Bukit Timah

Battle' at Bukit Timah
This June is one packed month, filled with nice offroad adventures week in week out. Battle’ at Bukit Timah will be shifted one week later to 24th June 2007, with the hope that everyone will be able to enjoy 2 nice offroad related races on the 17th June 2007. have fun and stay DirTy! ramp ...

Krankin’ at Kent Ridge – Post Race

Krankin' at Kent Ridge - Post Race
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Krankin’ at Kent Ridge

The next MTB race in Singapore will be at Kent Ridge again. mark 18 March 2007  down as the date with us more details can be obtained from DirTraction website.

Tampines MTB Trail survived

The new Tampines MTB extension survived the a full day of racing. SACA XC DirtzBash turn out to be as muddy as needed, giving everyone a whole load of fun. The trail will be up for surfacing and modifications, stay tune for a dryer ride.

race day – National MTB Championship 2006

Finally the race is on. The work of the past 3 months, climaxing at the top of Car park A of Kent Ridge Park in the morning, with the first race flagging off at 8am sharp. A secluded park it used to be, a roudy place it became. never before we seen such a crowd ...