Krankin’ at Kent Ridge 2008



Race Details

> When: Sunday, 31 August 8am to 2pm
> Where: Kent Ridge Park
> Registration Open/Close Date: Open – July 16 Close – August 27

* Please note that there will no race day registration for all categories except Kid’s C & D



Short Track :
700m (Men’s 15 mins + 3 Laps / Women’s 10 mins + 3 Laps)
The Short Track format is a unique style of MTB racing! A mountain bike race similar to a criterium, riders will do multiple short laps of 700m in a short time frame of time. Get ready to burst your lungs and feel the burn in your legs as speed through the course. Very fast and definitely, very fun!
Super D :
500m 1 Lap Race Final (1-minute interval between riders)
Best described as a downhill cross-country race, the Super D format packs all the thrills and exhilaration of a downhill race minus the technical dangers. The Super D is a timed event with either an individual or mass start time.  A great place to get started with MTB racing – the Krankin’@ Kent Ridge Super D offers you limited climbs with fast flowing rides of only 500m. Best of all, you don’t have to be in great shape! Everyone can participate!

> Registration Open/Close Date: Open – July 16 Close – August 27

> Registration Fee:
XC: Kid’s C & D – $35
XC: All other categories – $50 Super D: – $25 Short Track: – $25
XC + Super D + Short Track: – $90
XC + Super D or Short Track: – $70 Super D + Short Track: – $45

> Mode of Registration :

a) Click here for online registration (payment via credit card)
b) Registration & payment in person at The Swiss Valley Shop
(486 River Valley Rd / Tel: +65 6836-6566)
Registration Form (PDF)

> Event Schedule (revised as at August 17 08):

Aug 30
10am- 12pm
Super D Training Session (XC course will be closed)
Start Line
Aug 31
7:00amRace Kit Collection for all categories except Kid’s C & DRace Secretariat Opens
8:00am1Men’s Open (4 Laps)Start Line
8:05am1Men’s Junior B (2 Laps)Start Line
8:07am1Women’s Open (2 Laps)Start Line
9:10am2Men’s Masters (3 Laps)Start Line
9:15am2Men’s Junior A (2 Laps)Start Line
10:00amRace Kit Collection for Kid’s C & D
Kid’s Course
10:30amKid’s C (10 to 13 years)Kid’s Course
10:45amKid’s D (9 & below)Kid’s Course
11:00am3Men’s Senior A (3 Laps)Start Line
11:05am3Men’s Senior B (3 Laps)Start Line
12:30pmWomen’s Short Track (10 mins +3 Laps)Short Track Course
1:00pmMen’s Short Track (15 mins + 3 Laps)Short Track Course
1:45amSuper D (all categories to start at 1-minute intervals)Super D Course
3:00pmPrize Giving Ceremony & Lucky Draw
Start Line
Schedule subject to change at the discretion of the organizers




> XC Category:
Category Age-Group No. of Laps
Kid’s D9 years & below Kid’s Course
Kid’s C 10 to 13 years Kid’s Course
Men’s Junior B14 to 16 years 2
Men’s Junior A17 to 19 years 2
Men’s Senior B 20 to 29 years 3
Men’s Senior A 30 to 39 years 3
Men’s Master 40 years & above3
Men’s OpenElite & National 4
Women’s Open14 years & above2

* Experienced riders in the Kid’s C may choose to participate in the Men’s Junior B category.

> Short Track Category:
Category Age-Group No. of Laps
Men’s14 years & aboveShort Track Course
Women’s14 years & above Short Track Course



> Lap Distance:
XC – approximately 3km per lap
XC Kid’s Course – TBC
Short Track – 700m (Men’s 15 mins + 3 Laps / Women’s 10 mins + 3 Laps)
Super D – 500m 1 Lap Race Final (1-minute interval between riders)


Race Course



Race Results

Race Results are available at

Prize Purse

Total prize purse of over $3000 across all except Kid’s C & D.

Category RankingPrize Money + Prize + Medal
Men’s Open1st$500 + GoPro Helmet Camera + Alpina D-Alto Helmet + Medal
2nd$300 + GoPro Helmet Camera + Alpina Mythos Helmet + Medal
3rd$200 + GoPro Helmet Camera + Alpina Firebird Helmet + Medal
Men’s Master1st$150 + Alpina D-Alto Helmet + Medal
2nd$70 + Alpina Mythos Helmet + Medal
3rd$50 + Alpina Firebird Helmet + Medal
Men’s Snr A1st$150 + Alpina D-Alto Helmet + Medal
2nd$70 + Alpina Mythos Helmet + Medal
3rd$50 + Alpina Firebird Helmet + Medal
Men’s Snr B1st$150 + Alpina D-Alto Helmet + Medal
2nd$70 + Alpina Mythos Helmet + Medal
3rd$50 + Alpina Firebird Helmet + Medal
Men’s Jnr A1st$150 + Fizik Saddle + Medal
2nd$70 + Medal
3rd$50 + Medal
Men’s Jnr B1st$150 + Fizik Saddle + Medal
2nd$70 + Medal
3rd$50 + Medal
Women’s Open1st$150 + Medal
2nd$70 + Medal
3rd$50 + Medal
Kid’s C & D 1stMedal
Short Track Men’s
& Women’s
1st$70 + Gatorbrake 4-Piston Hydraulic Brakes + Medal
Super D Open
1st $70 + Gatorbrake 6-Piston Hydraulic Brakes + Medal
2nd $50 + Medal
3rd $30 + Medal



> Lucky Draw Prize:
All XC, Short Track and Super D participants stand a chance to win at our Lucky Draw. If you’ve signed up for two (XC & Short Track) formats, you have two chances at winning. Better your chances, and sign up for all three formats!
Our Lucky Draw line-up:
GATORBRAKES 4-Piston Hydraulic Brakes
FIZIK Saddles (2009 Range)
ALPINA Helmets
at least 5 (!!) MARZOCCHI Bomber Suspension forks,
(ranging from freeride tru axle stuff to lightweight All mountain forks)
XERO Wheel-Sets
TAYA Bike Chains
> Competitor’s Entitlement:
All XC and Kid’s C & D participants will be entitled to the following:
– Adidas Event Tee
– Finisher Medal (only if you survived!)
– And other product goodies!

Rules and Regulations

> Cross Country Rules & Regulations:
Click on Rules and Regulations for regulatory details on the cross-country race.
> Super D & Short Track Rules & Regulations:

Super D
500m distance from Start line. The same start line as XC but in reverse direction into the exit of XC single track, down to Finish line at the ‘cannon’ – off the entrance to Vigilante Drive/South Buona Vista road.
– Only 1 age-group category (any gender- 14yrs & above)
– Riders will be given their start position under the Race directors discretion
– Race Day: 15mins to start in order of ‘start list’
– Countdown 1min – 30se c-15sec – 10sec – 5secs and ‘GO’ (whistle blows)
– a) 1-minute interval for the next rider
– b) Slower riders must give way to faster riders on the course
– c) Fastest time to complete the course ,’Wins’

Short Track
– Age-group
Men’s: 14yrs & above
Women’s: 14yrs & above

– Mass start – riders are to complete the course and continue for 15mins
– At approx 15mins, a bell will ‘ring’ & Lap sign shown -3 laps to go
– At final lap, a bell will ‘ring’ & Lap sign shown – 1 Lap – to go
– Riders lapped by lead rider or lead bunch will be asked to leave the course

> Team Tentage & Advertising Materials
Team tentage should only be placed in the designated area. Display of any banners or advertising material should only be confined within each individual tentage.
Unauthorized distribution of promotional material paid or unpaid is not allowed.



We’d like to thank all of you who came out and took photos of Krankin’ @ KR 08! Here are some of the albums which we would like to share with you. If you have any albums you would like to add to this list, kindly contact by Angela Gray

Photos by RenHao

Photos by Rohan

Photos by MTBriders