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To start off for the new offroad season, we have planned for you a wicked filthy weekend of fun!

Whether you're an elite racer, weekend warrior, mountain biker, downhiller, roadie, cross-country runner, tri-athlete, duathlete, adventure racer, or someone looking to try something new, you will be spoilt for choice with the various competitive events we have lined for you as part of The Great Singapore Mountainbike Carnival 2009! Bring your family, friends and pets along! Live music will be rocking the Tampines trail, while a food bazaar will make you hungry for more. Join the mountain bike carnival, and just have plain old-fashioned fun.

100km MTB Marathon

Last year, you raced side-by-side with Endurance Solo Specialist Tinker Juarez, reigning US 24hr Champion, 2-time Olympian and a mountainbiker hall of famer, blasting it out with other regional top riders.

In the 2009 edition of the century-race, instead of enduring the unforgiving heat, be prepared to ride into the cool sunset, put on those in-built night vision goggles, blast those flood lights and to take on Singapore's 1st 100km mountain bike race under the stars!

You can either race SOLO, or form Men's or Mixed DUO RELAY (teams of 2) or QUAD RELAY teams (teams of 4). Whatever floats your boat (or bike), just be sure to finish all 100km within 9 hours!

Half the fun is in having a support team that will just hang loose while you suffer (don't forget the beer), so leave no one (not even your pets) at home!

Be part of the 1st Night 100km Mountain Bike Marathon in Singapore!

Dirty Duathlon

Are you a competitive duathlete who's keen to test your mettle at the Tampines trails?
Or a cross country runner who's looking for some action?
Do you enjoy offroad running as much as you do offroad biking?
Or are you game to try a new multisport experience?

This Run-Bike-Run event is right up your alley!

The "full works" Dirty Duathlon caters to the experienced multisports athlete, while the Sprint Dirty Duathlon is an option for a firstimer duathlete.

You an either race SOLO, or form a Men's or Mixed RELAY team.

The course layout is simple, yet challenging, so be prepared for some leg and wheel action!

Be part of the 1st Dirty Duathlon in Singapore!


Super D Race

Are you a downhiller lookin' for some fast-paced downhill adrenalin?
Or do you have a big burly All-mountain bike sittin' at home accumulating cobwebs?
Have you been watchin' cool free riding vidz lately and wishin' you had the guts to go with the flow?

Well, we have in store for you our classic Super D course : no drop is too worrisome, no jump that is forced upon, only sweet flowlines that'll leave you with a grin....and a sore shoulder from the thrill of bombing down a small schweeet hill.

You can race using your XC hardtail or your double crown DH bike, but the All-mountain bike will be best!

You can join either the Elite, or Mens Open or Womens Open category.

Be part of the 1st Super D Race in Tampines!


Short Track Race

Are you a speed demon who's got a need for speed?
Or a roadie who excels in criterium-style races?
Not much of an enduro-racer, but in for a short but fast race?

Our 10-to-20-minute Short Track Race is just what you're looking for!

This is the second time we are introducing the short-track course in Singapore. It is essentially a fast flowing criterium style mountain bike race within a short 1km course. You have to complete laps within 10-to-20 minutes (depending on the category) and 3 laps after that. Do not be fooled by the short duration. You're main aim is not be lapped by the fastest rider! Apart from speed, skills in cornering and drifting through the corner would be a huge bonus!

Grab your stiffest hardtail and whip everyone off the circuit. Just don't get lapped!

You can join either the Elite or Open categories for Men and Women. And there's even a schools challenge category!

Be part of the 1st Short Track Race in Tampines!

Speed Dual Trials

Ever dream of an urban free-ride race that you will put your skills to the test?
Or even an event to showcase your agility and balance over obstacles?

We'll bring you underground.

The Speed Dual Trails lets you race in tandem with another rider over a series of obstacles. First rider to cross the finish line wins! It's that simple.....well, only if you have what it takes - balance, control, guts and bike trial skills will definitely help!

If you've got what it takes to ride technical trails, like Kent Ridge's 'North Shore'-esque obstacles, you're all set to try this challenge!

Schools Challenge

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage youth development of the sport of mountain biking by offering school students the chance to be part of the Great Singapore Mountainbike Carnival at a reasonable and affordable price.

We are encouraging student biking enthusiasts within the age group of 14 - 18 yrs as at 1 January 2009 to don their school colours and take part to win honours for their school.

It would also attract schools with a strong sports reputation striving for another sports title feather they can add to their cap. School representatives will then encourage their classmates and family members to partake in the sport of cycling, which is ranked one of the most popular sports in Singapore.

Two school challenge races are up for grabs.

You may take part representing your school in either the Short Track School Challenge or the 100 KM Night Marathon Schools QUAD category.

If you qualify for the School Cha;;enge races, we have yet another challenge for you....all you have to do is just recruit 4 others for either the Short Track Schools Challenge or the Schools QUAD race, and you will gain a FREE entry into your race!

What you waiting for? Contact us now for your FREE entry.

Kids Race

Our Kids Race is finally back! If you are a boy or girl who's 13 years and below, you can take part in either Kids C (10 - 13 yrs as at 1 January 2009) or Kids D (9 yrs and below). You will be racing a couple of laps around the short track course and will be the centre of attention in the whole event!

Kids, what will we do without them?

SummerEast Night Festival

Reaching out to youths and young adults and getting them to let their hair down and relax on a Saturday evening, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tampines Park provides the perfect setting to chill and hang out with close mates, singing to pop songs with a special someone or a picnic with the family.

The event will also feature a late-night chill out dance party where young DJs, King Mob & Jack Frost will play a mix of classic indie tracks to keep you company throughout Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Ditch the trendy shoes & socks; come down in your slippers and straw hats and don’t forget to bring your own mats!

Carnival Street

Koufu Food, The North Face, Sugoi, Rodalink, Ryder and Suunto, National Parks PCN, Pure Blonde beer house, Redbull hospitality and many more.

Things to keep you busy while you soak the afternoon and evening away when you take a rest from the race.

Check out our carnival street, located just beside the start finish straight.