Outdoor Demo at the Carnival


Over the years, the Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival host outdoor demo for the biking industry.

Showcasing specialty bikes and latest models in the various edition of the Carnival.

This years the Carnival placed focus on the various lifestyle bikes available.

We are talking about the special ‘ride around do all’ bike; a complimentary partner to the big Enduro rig that most riders are spotting.


Sony ActionCam will be doing a field test day as well at the Carnival, where tens of units of the slick Action Cam allows you to record your own ride story for the day and get yourself some Action Cam swags.


Whether you are resting /while waiting for your team mate clock laps for the carnival, or simply the mechanic/family supporting the rider,

hop on to one of these demo rigs/platform and give the race course a test, or do the short firetrack loop around the pit.

for the adventurous, you may race a lap with it as well!

Participant Vendors

  • Sony Action Cam
  • Pipedream Bikes
  • Peugeot Bikes
  • Coast Cycles
  • Spy Optics


Event Microsite for more info : Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival 2014

Peugeot Enduro Challenge