Tai Lam Country Park, Hong Kong


The mountain biking topography of Hong Kong is unique, where a vast majority of the official mountain biking access are within AFCD Country Parks and mostly hiker trails origin.

Existing trails were either extremely technical with bad flows and at times hazardous, testing even the best of the bikers, or simply a network of unauthorized ‘social trails’ which mostly build within the steep fall-lines of the Tai Mo Shan ridge line.

Dirtraction collaborate as a sub contractor for IMBA Trail Solutions efforts in Hong Kong, helps provide training workshop for Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) Hong Kong and Hong Kong Mountain Biking Association (HKMBA), where in the process, enabling  at least 200 country park officers and activate a groups of mountain bikers via trail day with the concept of sustainable trails for mountain biking.

Arm with the knowledge, master planners are able to work on recommendations put forward. Changing the trail profile and connectivity via various sub projects.

Major work during this period (2011 – 2013) includes Tin Fu Tsai North Section, Ho Pui Trailhead series of next generation flow trails, and flow and sustainability improvement work for Ho Pui downhill extension at Tai Lam Country Park, Hong Kong.


trail-tailam-partnershipPhoto Credit : Steve Coward


trail-tailam-trailhead New Ho Pui Entrance Trailhead