MTB Course – Basic


Participants should be able to ride a bike along a flat road eg: East Coast Park.


What would you learn at the end of the day?

  • Bike Parts (know your bike, know how it works)
  • Bike Fitting (learn to ride comfortably, without back or neck aches or knee pains)
  • Climbing skill (how to go up slope effectively)
  • Descending skill (how to go down slope effectively)
  • Cornering (how to ride around a corner effectively)
  • Singletrack riding (how to ride in a narrow single track off-road path)
  • Pedal technique (how to pedal effectively)
  • Braking technique (how to brake effectively)
  • Mount / Dismounting (how to get on and off the bike properly)
  • Off Bike handling skills (how to conquer your fear and cycle off-road with a big smile)


Duration : 150 minutes

Course Venue : usually Tampines Mountain Bike Park

Email us to enquire course details