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BMX Day 2

Objectives :

– clean up the start hill

– Compact and shape Turn 1

– Pile up Turn 2

– Stockpile Turn 3

We started the day early as usual, with me and Tom taking the coordination and build of the BMX section,

while Jason continue to lead the team of workers at the mountain biking sections.

We’ve the excavator work on the start hill, the walk up ramps and backsloping,

and the tracked dozer shaping the Turn 1 for the whole day.

Tom and the wheel cat took Turn 2 to the correct height while the trucks continue with Turn 3 stockpiling.

The rain around the island causes problems with the dryer earth needed and we’ve to stop work momentary while we identify the dry earth source.

At the MTB trails, the rollers on top of horizon hill is now smooth rolling pave giving the speed needed for massive pump and occasional air time,

the ‘bus stop’ is completed and rocks are now locked in with clay and natural soil fastener.


Turn 1 from the start hill, is going to be big


Tom Ritzenthaler reving the Cat at Turn 2


Grading the start hill



Tampines Bike Park sits quiet for this monster big BMX track