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BMX Day 3

The track 4 big features are finally in place.

We were hunting for good soil all morning, to make sure the right dampness of soil and consistency arrive on site.

and the build accelerate once we hit the right process in filtering the soil from the wet one.

the lunch time shower wet the site and we certainly confident with the raise platform and raised track, track drainage will not be an issue.

Years of mountain biking trail build helped in the process and this coupled with Tom’s 20+ years of BMX track building experience, we are pretty positive on the outcome.

The sun came on and we were soon baking the 3 freshly carved out Turns. and even had enough time for straight 1 and straight 2.

On the mountain biking trails, Jason led the team to get another of the crown turn going.

This crown turn sit on a unique location of being above the drain, making it a perfect choice for insloping the turn.

We get our hands dirty to work the bobcat ourselves, literary learning the trade on how to use the dozer.

more practise to come by!


straight way ONE before compaction


Turn 2 taking shape


4 big chunks soil structure anchoring the BMX track


Another Turn Completed


Glad to be working the bobcat