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BMX Day 6

Last Day for BMX Build Phase 1

With straight way 2 pre-dumped, we’ve Tom on the cat and another excavator helping with the  jumps shaping at straight way 2

The filler crew of 6 men still at the massive first table top when Tom started straight way 4 and later straight way 3.

the small rollers at striaght way 3 was fast, fast dump and fast shaped.

Got alot more comfortable on the bobcat today, and I started to transport top soil to the jumps for the fillers.

it got technical when we started to fill straight way 2, in which the bobcat endo and flipped back at the massive jumps.

this bobcat is pretty useful for the drain cutting, in which we coordinate with one of the more experience mini-excavator guy to have the team manager platform deck out with

soil cut from the drainage.

At sun down, the track took shape,

Tom leveled out straight way 1, which me and Jason awaited patiencely at the start hill with our bikes, ready to pounce on the nicely leveled

first double, roller and the massive table jump.

Is definitely a sweet ride towards the sunset!

Catepillar and Tractors looks like Mattel Toys. is a huge track


tedious process for the crew. and we are just at the first straight way


massive step-up before turn 2


bobcat, one of the useful tool around the track. Tom skillfully carve and shape this double on this S150


lunch time at the rollers


bobcat clearing the drainage path, we brought out the clinometer and managed to find a high point at the wrong place of the drain. never trust our eyes!


team managers platform.


frozen machine at turn 1, we took a short 5minutes


straight way 3, the rhythm section


straight way 2, the big jumps


almost ready for the ride