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Phase 2 BMX – Day 4 The Longest Day

one epic day for Tampines Bike Park.

the RIDE


We’ve about 30 crew on the track for most of the day, today is the big day where the asphalt turn get its distinct black surface.

we’ve 120 tons of hot asphalt, 13 crew all ready for ‘hot feet’  session racking the track as we get the burning hot tarmac poured, 6 film crew and 2 camera personnel, 3 BMX turns to pave, 3 supervisors, 4 compactors, 3 excavator operators, 2 Dirtraction’s crew, a few visit from SYOGOC personnel, countless coordination phone calls SSC-SYOGOC-Contractors, 1 asphalt expert, 1 crazy golf buggy, 1 cement startgate platform to design and 12hrs of continuous work symphony conducted by Tom himself.


mobile water supply for turn 3


Compacting for production


turn 3 almost ready to be compacted, buggy is taken apart for streamlining


hot racking at turn 3


Tom showing how we should rack it


graffiti art on turn 3


tom compacting turn 2 himself


start hill carved up for starter zone, and start gate


hot tarmac from the tap


excavator assisted asphalt laying


clear hot sky for the day, we asked for it we got it!


turn 2 nicely compacted, with the dark cloud looming behind


newest ride in Tampines Bike Park, Bumpy Buggy Berm Ride.


turn 1 halfway ‘painted’


work move on as the sky move towards sunset



last load of hot asphalt at 8-9PM assisted by various machinery lighting.