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Cyclone Race Series 2009


Cyclone Race Series 2009



The Cyclone Race Series is a new Dirtraction initiative that seeks to make racing accessible to all levels of riders, through simple, no-frills bike races that emphasize on the racing element. Both road cycling and mountain biking will be included in the series.


Youth racing development will be given special focus in the series, through the Schools Challenge category and Kids Races.


Exciting newbie-friendly formats of racing will also be introduced, giving weekend warriors and beginners the chance to experience the thrill of racing.


Of course, seasoned veterans have not been forgotten – the classic XC and Time Trials formats are still retained for the more hardcore racers.


So, what are you waiting for? Doesn’t matter if you roll on 20C or 2.1″ tires, go ahead and lock the following dates in your calendar already! Let’s race!



Cyclone Road Series 2009



Cyclone Mountain Bike Series 2009