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A change

I get a question or two nowadays from this blog like

“So things haven’t been moving in Kent Ridge?”

I guess I better address this so to make sure every other trail user out there knows that Kent Ridge is still evolving, and so is this site.

Most of you would have noticed that the core group of Kent Ridge trail builders forms part of DirTraction, a privately-owned organisation which seeks to promote mountain biking to adventure junkies, as well as to provide professional World Class racing conditions to bike lovers in Singapore.

We do get serious request for help around the island, and since late 2006, we’ve oversee the build/maintainance process of three other MTB trails locally and some across the borders.

As our volume of work get spread out around the island of Singapore, I’ve to stop actively writing our trail work daily reports, build more trails, meet more people and make sure we get better races going locally.

I am probably guilty of not documenting the hard work of the trail builders, volunteers and friends alike.

A change is needed.

Here a whole new concept for this blog. Instead of solely writing about Kent Ridge MTB Trail, I will start documenting the trails we build weekly, the ideas we formulate daily and hopefully give mountain bikers around Singapore and hopefully abroad something to dream on and ride on.

Kent Ridge will still bear some great memories on how I got back into the mountain biking. I’ve done my time doing my long road rides and races. Trading high performance stuff for great outdoors again. Don’t get me wrong for dumping my road riding days, I still ride and train on the road. Trying to beat my statistics up (and recently down) Genting Highlands.

Moving on, ?

I couldn’t think of a better name than having Kent Ridge giving the namesake for our trail building documentation process and we shall retail as our special trail building section for DirTraction.