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Dirtin’ the World : April Edition

if you happen to miss any of those dirty weekend,

do check out the photos and those awesome videos (in high definition format!) by YewWeng for our race last month.


Our DirTraction crew is busy DirTin’ the world this April

a) Ling the Merciless, Ming-loid & Ken Lopez will be taking part in this weekends Sabah adventure race (3 days of ‘Fun’) http://www.sabahadventure.com/main/default.asp

b) Welcome back from mountain bike heaven-Scotland, Janice!

c) HuiMin will be up as ‘director-sportif’  for the junior-road development team @ the ‘Anti drugs-Tour of Thailand (4 days stage race) http://www.thaibiketour.com/

d) Max will be in Yunan-China as chief commissaire for the China Cup MTB race (UCI pre-Olympic/2008 race, selection-China Olympic Mtb team) 8-15 April 2007.


Next DirTraction MTB race 17 June 2007 @ BT!

International/Inter Schools MTB, 18-19 Aug 2007!


Stay on the trails (don’t stray) & keep the rubber side down!