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All ready for another Krankin’ at Kent Ridge

Pincher Rock Garden, 2ft rollable drop followed by 1ft drop and a bunch of tube pinchers after that.


we are finally done with Kent Ridge:

– a total of 4  new switch backs

– 2 x rock gardens

– 2 x dropoff/jump lips

– 7 x contour line trails

– 1 x bridge reroute

– 10 fallen trunks cleared

We hope that both XC and Super D ride will flow a lot better with these modifications.

The sizable turn out for the Trail Day on 2nd Oct 2010 is great!  Don, Arnold, Jina joined us in a 3 hour workout, digging a crowned switchback and 30metres  of contour trails for the XC exit.

here’s some photos from the week.



Pincher Rock garden before the build, note the ruts and erosion


Pincher XC line (uphill) on the left, Pincher Rock Garden soon to be on the right


Pincher XC line. 2 straights with a crowned switchback


pincher switchback, need more compaction later on


rock garden in the making, top section almost done, working on the bottom scattered rocks.


stuffing soil into the cracks, this is 3hours after we get the load of rocks in, good to work in groups of 4.


High Pitch, bench cutting


High Pitch turn, will need more work after the race to widen it.



simple bench cut for this tight trail

moonbase alpha get a rework, padded!