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Events Forecast 2013


For a good 5 years, we’ve been able to put forward a good calendar of cycling events for Singapore.

In the process, we introduced various concepts ‘foreign’ to the local calendars like National Championship, 12-hrs mountain biking races, Night Downhill, Super D, and these spice up the pool of ‘boring’ Olympics style XCO events that dominates the scene then, and for the road scene put forward proper events where road cycling races/time trials can be consistently raced on and trained for.


the year 2012

Here comes 2012, where the event climate changes locally. Road venues and accessibility for cycling events get way limited, where the sports simply got priced out of the venue.

And for mountain biking, most of the venues going through much needed revamp, or for some simply bureaucratically inaccessible.

Still we managed to put forward 2 mountain biking events for 2012 and a new concept road cycling events at Port Dickson anchored by Focus Bikes.



So what’s up for aspiring racers out there for 2013?

We will push  for 3 mountain biking event locally, namely :

  • Red Bull Dark Knights Q2
  • Singapore Mountain Bike Championship Q3
  • Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival 8-Hrs event Q3

Is there a chance for a revival for Cyclone Race Series style road cycling events in Singapore? frankly we won’t know.

However, for the moment, we do encourage you riders to join us for our across the border events and our partners events when presented.


meanwhile keep the rubber side on the dirt and tarmac!

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