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Spoilt for Choice at the Carnival’s Outdoor Demo


The Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival 2015‘s event partners will be featuring their latest bikes and gears offering within the outdoor demo village.

Apart from the intensity of the racing of the 6-hours mountain bike marathon and the national championship, participants and general public will get to sample a whole range of demo bikes via our Outdoor Demo program.

One may test ride against the race trails, race the marathon even with it or session within the specially constructed Specialized Demo Pit situated at the event Pit stop.

Participants may even boast their chance further in the multi prize lucky draw/raffle where we offer addition free raffle tickets for every demo session done with our partners on event day!


Food for thoughts! Kerbside Gourmet will be offering their menu at the event ground, fueling the racing and outdoor demo crowd during lunch hours.


Aspiring photographers who wants to cover the event may want to contact our crowd source photo partner,, where you may list your photo and in the process get paid for the work too!

Event Details : 6th Sept 2015

Event Microsite :