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Timing a couple of DH races in Malaysia

Shaiful fixing up the Eneloop MTB Carnival start arch

Shaiful fixing up the Eneloop MTB Carnival start arch

So after the crazy few weeks that was the Eneloop MTB Carnival (see above pic), we got a job timing the 3rd Bukit Cermin DH Challenge in Putra Heights, Selangor. Prior to the carnival, we were also timing another downhill race, the Mt Austin DH race organized by Team Element JB.  Took quite a few pics of the carnival-like atmosphere at the race. Not a bad turnout for a first-time local race.

HM burying the cable into the race course at a critical crossing point

I see you, you see me… Tag Heuer photocell unit(foreground) and reflector(background)

HM & John at the timing booth

The AG Suspension tent at the Mt Austin JB Race

The AG Suspension tent at the Mt Austin JB Race

Morewood Makulu – at the time the photo was taken, I don’t think Nathan Rennie even got his yet!

Morewood Mbuzi – AM bike set up as a mini DH bike

Another team tent with their bling bikes on display

Young ‘uns from Singapore lounging at the KSH tent

Team Rich – they’re not poor!

Finish area turned into a carnival-like atmosphere

Lelong, lelong! Specialized Demo up for grabs!

All eyes were glued to this screen during the race run

Broken arms can wait. Results are more important…

So anyway, me, HM & Su made the trip up to KL, or PJ rather for the Bukit Cermin race. I went a few days early to recce the race course, and procure a rather big spool of 1000m of 2-core data cable for our Tag Heuer timing system. (The last time we tried bringing in a large amount of cable into Malaysia for the JB race, we ended up spending quite an amount of time at Customs explaining why we were trying to bring in 500m of cable.) HM followed a couple days after and Su the next day after that.

Went to the race course with HM on Saturday (official practice day) after collecting the cable from my cousin’s hardware store in Klang, where we also had a nice bak kut teh breakfast! Too bad HM got tied up almost half an hour on the phone throughout breakfast. At the race venue, HM got busy connecting the male and female “banana” plugs to the cable. We were doing it in the hot sun at first, then decided it might be a lot smarter to do it in the air conditioned comfort of my Kenari. After all, the Kenari is basically a big box on wheels. Fold down the seats and you have a nice little workshop.

This is what 500m of cable looks like as it gets unravelled

Kenari transformed into a mobile workshop

HM splicing ‘banana’ plugs to 1000m of data cable

Me & Su negotiating our way up the slope (or was it down??)

After the finish line. That’s me on the bike!

HM’s bro, Hui Hsing (HH??) performing timekeeping duties

Too bad we were all super busy (HM’s bro and my friend Benny were also drafted to help) to take any pics of the race itself. Check out mygravity.com for race pics.


Story by Jason Tan

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