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Woody Fun

Climb ON! Singapore Games Mountain Bike Speed Trials captures a total refreshing way to ‘play’ while racing.
It’s our first urban race and we are encouraged by the smiles on the competitor faces, and the awed by the crowd.
teeter, that seesaw, that’s easy, ain’t it?
Even our Master John, whom we had fun playin around with the whole Sunday managed it so well on his BMX.


I got to thank you guys for getting yourself down that rainy Saturday morning. The race happened. and I hope you guys enjoyed it. You know who you are!Sunday was a demo and public free trial session.
We DirTraction crew definitely love playing around with the speed trials course on Sunday.
I never would have imagine riding with my seat post taken off would be so different in terms of stability.
Eric demonstrated that riding the teeter the other way is the next in-thing. while Ling ride on with a wrapped up ankle and clearing the obstacles expertly.
Max loving the sun and the redbulls, while Angela, Wayne and Su covered everything else when we run up some soar throat midday.

A big thanks to the podium dudes, the help rendered for the logs and the skinnies definitely save our friends from tampines trails some load the next morning. The event will never happen without Peter and his gang, with Jeff’s and Winson’s input, in getting the stuff out so nicely build in such short a time.

Here’s what is important.

And do remember to look up our sponsors, whom made all those prizes and the event happens.