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Getting off the road in a legendary island


Langkawi, the legendary island off the west coast of Malaysia, is always a great getaway for beach bums and adventure junkies.

In recent years, tourist flock the main sightseeing attractions, new infrastructure and international airports help its growth. However one may still find rustic serenity in the various secluded corners of jaggered and hilly island, keeping the legendary island mysterious feel despite its popularity.

The island gave its namesake to the big road cycling stage race, Tour de Langkawi, a race synonymous to pre-spring season preparation for the road pros, but for most of its history, rarely featured as a race stage itself.

However with cycling offroad cousin, the lush greenery and hills of Langkawi is a recipe for a great mountain biking.


Currently, what’s lacking in sustainable trails offering is offset by a massive race only offroad ‘pathways’ that hosted the mountain bike stage race, and kept the race on the island, something which Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (LIMBC) managed to make use of for its annual UCI Mountain bike stage race.


The 4th Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge took the Dirt Team to Langkawi to assist in the event timing and scoring. The race is in fact 2 races in one, a UCI Mountain Biking Marathon Series happening before the stage race, and a long 6 stage (5 full stage and 1 prologue stage) mountain biking stage race. Collectively about 100 hours of race site hours for the 10days on the island and we are glad to be working in hand with a bunch of experience and hardworking race commissaires, where we toil tropical monsoon storm in a few of the stages together.


Long intense work hours are interrupted by great chill time as well, and we simply can’t forget the awesome food at Pantai Kok, and the long hours of partying with the mountain biking marathon pros (they goes on forever!).




Lagenda Park, working under the wings of the bird of prey


Start Finish line at the Oriental Village for UCI MTB Marathon Series