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Trail Day – Chestnut South


It’s the long awaited trail day at Chestnut South.


Chestnut Nature Park South mountain biking loop launched with a great fanfare about 2 months ago.

We have the privilege of seeing an average of 7000 passes per week, a number not realized in any of Singapore’s trail system till date.

Rain or dry, monsoon weather or after, our fellow bikers hit the loop thrilled to sample it ‘one more time’ everytime it passes the end of the loop. The results is that some portion of the trail loop, particularly at the ‘Cannonball Run’ and ‘Lallang Flats’, took its toll of wear and requires some care.


The current contractor for Chestnut Nature Park project had intervene by appropriating some of its work crew from Chestnut North for most of the fixes scattered around the far end of the trail loop (Cannonball Runs), reinforcing some of the trail thread with rock armors, and will be working on the ‘Lallang Flats’ area soon.

We took the chance to work a trail day for this section, easily accessible from the trail head, fun to construct and another great chance for the community to mingle off the bike (and off the net!) . Contractor will be doing the heavy hauling of tons of rocks on site, and we will be assisting in working the art of pitching a rock causeway for ‘Lallang flats’, getting the section finished once and for all.


Why Trail Day?

Throughout the world, mountain biking trail development deeply involved the mountain biking community.  From the badlands of Moab to tropical like Cairns, Queensland bikers pitch in through trail days to get involved in the construction and care. Closer to home, Black Cobra and Grave Drop of Ketam Mountain Bike Park is constructed via community trail day. And recently Tunnel Vision (and around ‘double drop’) and Comfortably Numb (B-line) of Bukit Timah Mountain Biking Trail were realised via efforts of passionate bikers with the help of Nparks appointed civil engineering contractors workforce. These effort results in great fun to ride section, more organic and reflect a softer biker’s touch compared to harsher edges and at times out of place construction by generic civil engineering ground crew.





Trail Day details

Section : Lallang Flat
8-11th June 2016 – Material movement to trail area by contractor (Lallang Flats)
12th June 2016  – Trail Day


Meeting Point and Schedule :

  • 9am, Sun June 12 2016 @ Chestnut Nature Park South Trail Head
  • Nearest car park at Chestnut Point
  • Work is expected to end around 1pm
  • Bikers may ride their mountain bikes to meet at work area.
  • Tools provided.

To bring:

  • covered shoes (wellington rubber boots highly recommended, don’t kill your SPD!)
  • gloves
  • water/snacks
  • insect repellent