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Enduring the Hong Kong winter

 20150126-TinMan-Ride lines are worn in, 6 months after the initial construction

Unlike most of the northern hemisphere, winter in Hong Kong means dry cool temperate weather where you grab your mountain bikes instead of your snowboards to the great outdoors. It also means that the winter trail building season is back as well.

Construction continues at Tai Lam Country Park 4km long all mountain descent.
Officially called the Tin Fu Tsai North Section Extension Mountain Biking Trail ( a mouthful!) , the trail with the working title of Kat Hing bridge trail, is also being referred to by the local as Yuen Lung Tsai, while it is commonly known to the anglophile riders as the ‘Tin Man’.
Crew from IMBA Trail Solutions, Dirtraction will be working with AFCD HK contractors and the various mountain biking groups spearheaded by HKMBA to see to the completion of this connector that links route twisk to the Gold Coast.
In the past one month, about 1 km of trail is constructed and prune, bringing this connector trail to Tai Lam Chung reservoir a step closer to official launch status.