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Ho Pui Entrance Mountain Biking Trail Launch

flow trails snaking through the creek, 29 technical features within 1100 metres – Photo by Steve Coward (http://crosscountry.hk)


Another successful trail launch in Hong Kong.

Ho Pui entrance trail is in the planning work for 2 years and realizing this new single track is breath of fresh air for mountain biking in Hong Kong.

The launch is anchored by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong (AFCD), with Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association (HKMBA) supporting the event with almost 40+ volunteers and as well as support from the Hong Kong Cycling Association (HKCA) activating some of their national riders to help out with ride safety efforts in the trails.

Launch day Sunday, experience a crowd never seen before at Twisk trail head, the singletrack is choke with bikes lining back to back getting their chance to sample the new trail. We figured we counted at least 150 bikers at the launch.

The new trail is rated black diamond, the first official trail to do so in Hong Kong, exciting the crowd of local mountain bikers with various drop offs options available in the trail and further opening the doors for more biking opportunities in AFCD Country Parks, where gravity and flow trail element can be incorporated.


Trail Fact Sheet
length : 1.4KM
ascent 300metres
descent 1.1KM
average climbing grade : 3%
average grade of descent : 7%
number of technical features and options : 29 within 1.1km (average of one every 40metres!)

Young mountain bikers helped out with seedling. Planting and reforestation an important task during the trail day

Bench cutting the final 30 metres – HKMBA volunteers digging hard

Tight singletrack flow trail put smile through everyone

the new trailhead. the first official black diamond section in Hong Kong

The creek series of stack switchberm highlight the effort of this new trail

Partnership between HKMBA and AFCD pushes a prospering mountain biking environment – Photo by Steve Coward (http://crosscountry.hk)

Overwhelming response from the bikers in support of the trail head launch. We’ve traffic!

Fully geared biker taking the easy option for this rock chute