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Back to forested Kent Ridge

We are back at Kent Ridge!

With a busy first 3Q of 2010 taking up most of the trail building effort elsewhere, Kent Ridge is left with fallen trunks, ruts that drains the  heavy rainfall of recent months.

been the 4th day at Kent Ridge today.

We took the first 2 days to clear most of  the fallen trunks,  and is the first time we’ve to clear these manually (good ole saw and machete),  not a fun job especially big girth trunks everywhere. Let’s hope the National Parks contractor is available again to help with their chainsaw soon.

The 3rd day was spent fixing the bridge at the bottom of the Snake.
A big trunk overhangs the bridge and making it impassable, and the bridge that we build 4years back is lucky not to be crush in the process.
A new reroute is now made, allowing the fallen trunk to span the drain, while we moved the bridge to a new location upstream.
By moving the bridge, we solve yet another trail problem ahead, in which riders are now riding across a natural drain instead of on it.

Today we focused on the Snake detour.
This switchback turn was not made properly in the first round, as there’s lack of manpower and rocks available there 2years ago.
The situation for manpower doesn’t change much (2 person!) but the rocks are now unearth around it,
making the job easy for us to harvest and gather it for a mini crown switchback turn.

8 manhours is spent on the contour line reroutes and in the 8ft wide crown turn.

should be a lot more fun to ride as we place in some grade reversal in the process, allowing one to pump through into the slight berm up turn.

so let us know how the new turn rides!


The before state of the rocky wasteland


The new reroutes before the turn


The new turn, 2 ft higher and a lot safer.