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Fake Plastic Tree

Been a daily affair at the trails for this week.

we managed to fix most of the critical problems at Kent Ridge,  sweeter uninterrupted ride.

Plastic Tree turn at the start of Super D and end of the cross country ride developed into 1ft gulley over the seasons.

the slopes includes crazy 40% at some portion, is almost a certain dismount for most riders.

(plastic tree turn is named after the flaky rotten tree stump that is plastic like when we crash our hoe against it)

To cater for both Super D and cross country ride, we made a double turn for this corner.

cross country continue further along the contour and turn around a 9ft-10ft wide switchback

and a new technical section in the form of rock garden for the Super D riders.

We are glad that, over the week Arnold and Jina helped out with the trails making these labour intensive work alot easier. Thanks!

The Plastic Tree double turn


The cross country crown switchback for the Plastic tree section


Top of the switchback, gulley backfilled and made into the form of a dip. Super D riders get to ride off the logs into the rock garden


Plastic Tree Rock Garden


Plastic Tree Rock Garden, read the lines!



Fern hill get a new reroute that brings the fall line ride to a manageable contour ride. The initial cut is beautiful.

we should stay on track for this section, keep the single track tight..


Fern Hill summit route, initial cut, benchcut to be done