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of berm, bridges and granites

the morning is spent having the bridge 3 and 4 secured with cross braces. and having footing and landing made into bridge 3 and 4 area.

Granite chips are box in with bakau wood to hold a nice landing for the bridges.

With further gradient work done on bridge 4, to smoothen the exit.

Bridge 3, having a log jump just immediately after the exit, might need further strengthening. As-is the bridge is flexing slightly.

With Bridge 2 incomplete and unseated, Alvin and I decided to finish it before someone decided to do the ‘ride of faith’ over those loose planks.

The exit of bridge 2 is tricky, a small gulley formed up just beside the concrete side of the exit. We decided to lengthen the bridge and placed the bridge landing around 2ft off the edge of the drain.

The remainder cengai wood structure is barely enough to cover another small natural drain around 10ft out of the bridge 2. In the spirit of improvision, we managed to use the left over length to plug the gap.

the ‘Japanese Rock Garden’ landing

With 5 big rock dragged in and tons of granite chips available. We are now able to address the muddy slope landing.

I took a test ride down the slope and take the turn on the wooden structure itself. Just as expected is super slippery and won’t hold the line.
The whole ‘roadie bridge’ is now taken away, berming it seems like a bad idea.

by sinking in rocks and granite chips layered with thin mud on top, the exit is finally deem ridable. Max took the inside line as a test, while Alvin took his turn with the outside line. Both seems ridable after some further bench cutting of the right side.

‘log slope 1’

this complex slope and mud sediment area force us to dig out the 3 buried logs that were placed temporary there 1 month ago.

We dug the usual wood, granite drainage, with bakau lining to hold the rest of the mud.

3 loads of granite chips are unload here, and mud is then mix in to form the ‘log slope 1’ lower gradient.

‘snake slope – berm 1’

work started on the berm 1, Nik suggested to pull the berm 1 nearer to the trail and we start to hammer at least 10 bakau wood into area to strengthen the soil and mud below.

this berm is to allow a smoother line around the bend, and to cover the view of the riders when they hit this steep slope.

Rain and weathering is certainly needed to get this structure stable. we should be leaving this as-is until after the race.

6 Manhours – bridge 3 and 4

3 manhours – bridge 2

2 manhours – japanese rock garden landing

2 manhours – log climb 1

5 manhours – berm 1 of snake slope

20 manhours – transporting bakau wood, granite chips and 50kg a piece rocks.

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