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The bog climb

the day objective is to address the bog climb after the 2nd bridge to the yellow space.

KeeMeng, Sam, Max and me made up of the 4 person workforce for the day.

We tapped on the racing line that Sam feedback on, corrected 4 sections for the bog climb.

1. off camber ride line fix with pebbles and bakau lining reinforcement

2. ‘roadie bridge’ is now a ‘roadie ramp’ to prevent further riding on the muddy slope. to be completed with 3 more loads of rock chips.

3. sunken wood fix to create 2 false flat, allowing more traction for the climb.

4. bare patch of mud, to be mixed with granite chips later on.

the later part of the afternoon is spend digging up a drainage system for the U-bend dropoff

this drainage is deep and sunken in with 3 big rocks, 3 loads of granite chips, layered with mud on top and a replanting of a small tree as seen on the right!
Further work on the incomplete log jump is made

as the trail runs downward,

much testing is done to ensure the jump is stable, and provide a safe exit.

Granite chips extraction filled the long day, clearing most of the chips from bridge 3 to bridge 4


6 manhour – bog climb

2 manhour – Log drop drainage

2 manhour – log jump

2 manhour – granite extraction for bridge 3 and 4

4 manhour – armoring various slopes and post rain survey of the whole trail.

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