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the bridges

there’s four drain crossing that will need to be addressed.

The cengai wood arrived today, together with load of new bakau wood.

Alvin, Nik, Max and Moneru worked on the 4th and 3rd crossing all morning. experimenting with various way to get the 2metres long crossing done up.

I get to test it by riding through the unsitted and unanchored bridge, after various load test is done by jumping around on the bridges.

The work shifted to the first bridge, where the “roadie’s bridge” is now replaced with a cengai/bakau structure. the strongest of all 4 bridges. we shifted the roadies’s bridge so we can reuse the item for some other part of the trail.

Bakau post is now used and proper anchoring is hammered in for this bridge 1.

Work is then shifted to 2nd bridge. Nik redesign the bridge to a narrow bridge, so to have some variation for the crossing, a 1 and 1/2 ft wide crossing instead.

This bridge 2 is left uncompleted as day light ran out on us.




Concurrently, we started digging out the first drop after the first bridge (to be called ‘japanese rock garden slope‘ eventually). A deep drainage is needed for the landing as it sits directly on a natural gulley.

Some initial digging on the drain is done, while we awaits rocks to be transported in later on. We took the idea of having the roadie’s bridge made into a berm and try to integrate it to this slope

28 manhours – bridge constructions

2 manhour – slope and drainage

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