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touching up

We are finally back with more workforce for the trail.

We have a big turn up of 8 labourer from Nparks, together with Alvin and Liyana. Mas gave his bit in helping out with the trail, fixing the trail as he explore it first time.

We added 2 drains along the route, 1 of them nicely hidden between bridge 1 and 2, the other just after the yellow open space staircase.

With the workforce available, granite chips are brought in from the trailhead to fill whichever muddy gap that we can find. the whole trail should be totally ridable, traction speaks, except 2 sections, the Snake Slope and the ‘mud slide’ just before bridge 3.
The snake slope is still filled with loose granite chips. the curve 1 of snake slope get the much needed berming. We made it out of mud/sand/clay/granite chips and some sprinkle of cement. Riders can rail the curve alot better .
Although much work is done on berm 1, the 4 logs around snake curve still give most riders a hairy descent. More clay and cement when we get the chance.

The ‘mud slide’, get a temporary fix. Granite chip mix with mud, spread on the slope. with the curvy landing getting de-mud. We should be able to work on this later on Saturday.

20 manhours – mud puddle and drainage

2 manhour – snake slope berm 1

20 manhours – material transport

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