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Pump Track Singapore!

Macpherson Community Pump Track

Mountain biking infrastructure is a rare commodity in Singapore. Couple that with a wet tropical 365 days of unpredictable rainy climate, realising  a soil based pump track is always a hit or miss.

We chance upon the opportunity to push a pump track in a central Singapore Community Centre, right into the (typically) traditionally managed social club where sports normally means team game, community bonding activities. So is really a big deal to push mountain biking as one of the youth sports to such land managers.

Volunteers from B26ers hard at work

Working with the ad-hoc mountain biking club hosted at Macpherson Community Club, we managed to work a plan to put forward a soil based pump track into Macpherson Community Club garden.

The track is constructed with a composition of sandy and lime based dirt from the new Downtown Line subway excavation nearby, a durable composition that wish to experiment for wet tropical tracks,  where traditional clay based tracks does not work well in Singapore.

With the assistance of a skid-steer loader, and great bunch of volunteers from the community (B26er, ITE Central Mountain Bike Club, the individuals) we decked up a working pump track in 5days, and with some further few days of work from the volunteer we have a natural grassy sides to help with soil control.

The track will be a work in progress, where we expect the hosting club, B26er, to continue with the maintainance efforts and keep it shape up for the various style of biking one could do.

Keep it flowing
Skid Steer could do so much, hand tamper for tight areas
36hrs, all raw
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