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drains, storm and the wet playbook

The wet season is definitely in.

the unfinished drains are all clog and filling up, forcing the 2 excavators that we’ve into drain digging work, connecting the unfinished drains before the next storm hits.

we’ve rescue places with 1ft of water (technical zone) and have it cleared upon dam-breaking the drains to the main drain water system.

The men continue the dig for the massive chicken line needed for the longest descent of the trail system.

4 switchback turns required to bring the 13metres of elevation drop, in which we hope the average joe and riders who wish to take a longer gradual line can get a choice instead of hitting the rock garden hard and fast.

The bobcat was useful for this sandy section, clearing the outslope and making the terrace easier for the men with cangkul.

sediment is everywhere in the service road after the big storm yesterday. again clearing the road and making earth drain is of higher priority for today.

Work started with the upper macdonald climb. with pre dump earth around, the work crew shaped dips and fill various section needed for smooth draining of water.

the first sunken crown Switchback is completed and we choose a semi mixed material for surfacing as we figure these turn to be hit hard when rider brakes and accelerates.

[sorry no photos for the trail build today, we ran of batteries]



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