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in need of flow testing

love test riding this section (well don’t try this without the helmet folks … )

The momentum is picking up over the past few days.

We are officially into Day 4 of the mountain biking trail building for Tampines Bike Park and we are on schedule for completion before the Mountain Bike Carnival.

With about 12 ground crew and 2 excavators, we have plenty of resources for a big trail day.

An autonomous team consisting of 1 excavator and 4 ground crew starts the rock gathering and valley clearing process, in which we expect them to toil through for another 1.5 day.

The rest of the team join us at the banana berm descent where we left off.

With Jason handling the 5 ground crew cutting the dream flume ride,

I have the excavator in punching 3 big grade reversal into the 1 ft thick organic sediment and 2 other crew helping to shape the lips for the flow.

The net work done include 3 massive reversal in which one can pump through fast before hitting a flat turn (will be banked later)

and the initial clearance for the dream flume ride on the banana berm itself.

The Eel


triple reversal in need of some tidy up – a fast fun section


the vegetation is great for various task, nice coverage for a fresh cut trail


imagine the lines …


A view from the top, one of the last few shot of the old banana berm section intact before the rebuild


we can only wonder how thick the organic earth can be


cutting the dream flume ride


Hot day at the Dig