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Inslope Turn for a change

We’ve a big team for the build today and as usual it’s best to split the team to various work area to be safe and efficient.

Jason took the machine team for the day  with the objective of soil dumping the bottom of the flume ride and get it ready to be shaped.

Machine all at a go


I lead the team of pretty skilled thai work gang, and we carve out the bottom legs of the mega climb that’s required after passing the feedzone.

a typical contour line cut and switch back will bring riders from the feedzone through about 8-9 legs of switchbacks before hitting the summit.

nitial climb lines, we design it to be ridden both ways. should be a fun section

With a good afternoon spent, we managed to hand shape one of the bigger inslope turn (read:berm for the rest of you) to be ready for some test ride.


shaping the pre-turn dip

packing dirt

2 hours of test riding. the fun part of trailbuilding

initial cut of the long climb

carve it, no brakes!