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Is a flume ride

with about 10 workers available for the day.

Jason and I split the work team so to work on two areas at the same time.

While my team work on completing the ‘Zig Climb’, Jason started the exploratory cut at the banana berm area,

effectively solve the various bottleneck when it comes to trail cutting.

clearing the organic stuff


we’re almost there. a few more test ride to go


grade reversal done massively


tiding up


compaction is key


it flows both ways, helmet recommended, however is simply too nice to trial it!


briefing – how grade reversal is done


unfinish product – flowy upper legs and technical exit


a spectacular turn in the making


Meanwhile things taking shape at the entrance of the bike park, pipes and drainage are almost done, and the top coat will soon cover the main area.


colors of dirt


our mini entrance – BMX anyone?