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the hardest part

This is going to be the toughest part of the build,  some long section of rock armor work to be worked on for the next one week.

the old descent from the horizon hill at tampines bike park requires massive rebuild, specifically a rock garden descent to the feedzone area.

with massive 1 foot deep rut running on this fall-line, we figured the only way this trail going to survive the rain is to have it rocks as part of the riding surface.

workers at Marbles Rock Garden


great use of road kerb, we’ve to embed some huge one as anchor


rock armor 101, the workers are now pavement building certified. time for more complex stuff


the easier section, top section of the rock garden


initial build, bottom of the rock pave, 3 flights of stair case like rock terrace


big rocks for small drops, is easier to ride it than to build it!


workers at Marbles Rock Garden


Marbles Rock Garden


transformation in progress


While the skill mason get the rock garden going, we’ve the excavator and machinery dudes to carve turns into the slopes, things really works in parallel.

Mid hill view up Upper Hamburger


View of Lower Hamburger


interesting white pave, the feedzone


the long climb from the bottom, rock bridge not completed.


machine assisted build at Upper Hamburger


top section of the long climb embedded switchbacks


BMX soil in position, the big berms and doubles are marked