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Upper Mac Climb – Day 3

Long climb, long day.

we’re almost done with this longish climb.

3 crew, 2 switchbacks, 2 straights in an afternoon, that’s hard labour!

we kept 2 excavator running, with one filling up our ‘secret ingredient’, aka all kinds of everything, soil mixture into the dumper.

and we’ve the other experience excavator hand moving various key anchor rocks into place.

choking it with 2 familiar rock slab


the crew working on the 2nd crown. should be a beautiful turn when it matures. nice lily-like plants around it.


choices. obvious rock garden dead ahead, not so obvious half done chicken line to the left.


lines everywhere, we know we mess up the place, but the greenery is taking over within weeks.


new ‘in front of spectator stand’ rock drop. to be constructed.


turfing the side walls. is getting pretty