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The Blue Ridges

A short day indeed.

Fatigue set into the whole bunch of trail builders.  I am nursing the daily weightlifting and the 40km round trip daily on my MTB to test the trail, eventually sinking into carbohydrate debt aka ‘the body simply can’t recover fast enough for the next day’

The work force is tired from the rocks moving and even our experience trail guru, Joey is getting a some flu-ish symptom from the rain and hardwork.

We persist on and kept the morale high.

We let the machinery do whatever needed.

While Hwa continue on the tricky blue corner. digging whenever the slope is dryer (the rain soak mud is dangerous for digging) , I guide Kee and 55 with 2 dumper truck loads of aggregrate so to armor up the blue ridge with a top coat riding surface.  There’s still bunch of manual work involved. The dumper can only bring stuff as far as the wide blue lines, and wheel barrow kicks in shuttling the granites uphill in the narrow mountain bike trail.

A rock choke is installed after the cobra garden and 2 dips to drain water going down the slopes are added. TO spice things up, 2 flat slabs of launch rock are placed on the fast line before ‘Tidak apa-apa’ slope so to allow option for people to take some small air.