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Trail Day at Bukit Timah – Jan 4th 2014


Mountain Bike Association Singapore’s Trail Adoption Program will be conducting a Community Trail Day at Bukit Timah on the 4th Jan 2014.

Is time for bikers to put in some of the sweat and muscle into the trail again, so join us for this fun session in the dirt!



“Tunnel Vision”

Mountain Bikers will know that the tunnel section of the Bukit Timah MTB trail (near Singapore Quarry) has been in a very bad peanut butter-like state. The recent rains have made things worse, and it’s time for us to do some damage control..
MBASG‘s Trail Adoption Program is organizing a community trail day on Sat morning, Jan 4, 2014. Muscle power will be needed to move, build, and haul granite/ trail filler for about 100m of trail at this section. Let’s get together as a community to finish this unfinished business!

Meeting Point :

To bring:

  • covered shoes
  • gloves
  • water/snacks
  • insect repellent
Please RSVP early so we can bring enough tools for everyone.