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Trail Day at Bukit Timah

Trail Day at Bukit Timah




Here’s your chance to put back some fun into the trails.

This joint initiative by Team ANZA-MTB, Team 5-0, Dirtraction, Singapore Amateur Cycling Association and National Park Board

is gaining momentum in hope to put some time back into the trails we love.


The last trail day, in Nov 2010, at Tampines Bike Park (outside the fence) rallied 30 bikers

and we had fun building 2 water crossing in the short 2 hours, reviving the ‘Jungle trails’ in the process.


We will be working on Bukit Timah for this Trail day (with the following order of priority)

– Fence Crossing Detour

– Senapang Link Detour

– The Stair (shhh, coming close to official!)



Meeting Point : Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Location :  Dairy Farm Car Park (new car park)

Time : 9AM, 19th Mar 2011


Recommended bring along :

– Gloves
– water
– covered shoes