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Trail Day at Kent Ridge Super D descent


Is always fun to get back to the trail network that we’ve been building upon yearly at Kent Ridge Park.

For the past 2 weekends, SGTAP (Singapore Trail Adoption Program) spend time shifting the bunch of construction left overs from the unloading zone at the ‘Super D’ carpark (Car Park A), and creatively sort and shift the material towards the main trail material stockpile about 50metres down the Super D trail.

Some of these ‘pave slabs’ are simply amazing to work with, while we do have the fair share of rubbish tiles-like material that will need effort to crush down to be of any use for a bike trail as well.

The fun part is the during the final hour of the work, where we manage to widen 2 rollers so to make it sweeter and easier to jump through. Do expect higher exit speed from the well matured switchberm!

another 64 manhours of trail work clocked.