Singapore BMX Nationals – the final round

Singapore BMX Nationals - the final round
it’s 4 years old and we’ve seen the days where the track put up the first UCI BMX race during the Youth Olympics Games validation event. the years sweep by quickly and we are now witnessing what could have been the track’s final event.   the Tampines Bike Park BMX track will host its final ...

Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010

This video summarize the 2 exciting weekends for Dirtraction’s team at the Youth Olympics Games the full coverage of mountain biking, BMX, Road time trials and mass start, in various roles. we need a rest! Youth Olympic Games BMX Boys Final Post by DirTraction.

Phase 2 BMX – Day 6

Phase 2 BMX - Day 6
review day, ride day, touch up straight way 4 day. the crew is spent, see you next week.

Phase 2 BMX – Day 5

Phase 2 BMX - Day 5
with the long day behind, the crew concentrate on the start hill cement start block, 4th straight way table-double-table combo, and carving out the 2nd straight way lines. Jason entertained himself with rolling turn 1 almost by himself, while I took over for turn 3, the buggy ride is definitely eye popping, accelerating backwards, high ...

Phase 2 BMX – Day 4 The Longest Day

Phase 2 BMX - Day 4 The Longest Day
one epic day for Tampines Bike Park.   We’ve about 30 crew on the track for most of the day, today is the big day where the asphalt turn get its distinct black surface. we’ve 120 tons of hot asphalt, 13 crew all ready for ‘hot feet’  session racking the track as we get the burning hot ...

Phase 2 – BMX Day 3

Phase 2 - BMX Day 3
straight 3 and 4 are ready.        

Phase 2 – BMX Day 2

Phase 2 - BMX Day 2
more touch up at straight 2 and straight 3. while the leveling is done around straight 4.          

2nd phase for BMX track

2nd phase for BMX track
back to BMX. Tom arrived the day before and we spend the day cleaning up the mud fest around the track. Straight one and straight two are touch up for further compaction. while we drop the drain pipe in for turn 3.        

while we wait.

while we wait.

Surviving the weather

Surviving the weather
  The canvas coverall are in! The crew took the afternoon to cover the BMX track, just in time for one heavy load of rain to pour when the last peg is planted. One lucky move we’ve there. We let the rain pour the track before venturing deep into the BMX track for some drainage ...