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Woody Fun

Climb ON! Singapore Games Mountain Bike Speed Trials captures a total refreshing way to ‘play’ while racing. It’s our first urban race and we are… Read More »Woody Fun

Phat Tyre Sunday ballooned!

DirTraction’s “Phat Tyre Sunday MTB Race at Tampines”

Tampines Mountain Biking Trail, Singapore, 19 August 2007

Top Regional Riders steal the show at the Phat-tastic and Tyre-ring race!

It was indisputably the biggest gathering of international and local phat-tyre swingers to hit Singapore trails since the International Subaru races! Over 260 participants battled it out on the extended 7 km Tampines mountain bike trail, parts of which had only recently been completed! The open trail was spectator friendly and crowds of supporters were treated to lots of action along the teletubbyland-like knolls.

30 accomplished XC-Elite riders from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore opened the race with adrenalin-pumped action. The competition included South East Asian (SEA) Games gold medalists: male XC-Elite riders Dadi Nurcahyadi (Indonesia) and Surban Q Nino (Philippines). Dadi finished a few minutes short of the four-rider peleton which sped to the finish line, led by Elite Champion Bandi Sugito (Indonesia). He was followed by first runner up, Usman Ali (Indonesia) and second runner up, Nino. Shahrin Amir (Malaysia) and JR Stanley (Malaysia) were next in line before homegrown talent, Junaidi Hashim (Singapore) came in 7th.

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