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Embrace the ‘custom’ at Timbuk2 Singapore



“There’s a bag for every needs”

more is hip for bags, where in the ever changing world of cycling, one needed a bag for every kind of ride.

Great bag maker are rare these days, where cheap knock offs and clones are aplenty, and we are never shy to return to ‘faithful’ of Timbuk2.

Timbuk2, the de-facto standard for messenger bag and casual riding bag, is still THE bag for seasons and is making a grand entrance back into the Singapore market with the launch of the Singapore outlet, a Custom outlet, the first in Asia.

We took a walk on the wild side yesterday, by popping by Bugis Junction for the launch of the Timbuk2 newest outlet in Asia. A launch party that attracts the Timbuk2 crowd, and a gathering for our fellow partners who supported the recent Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival.


Tri colors panels of the custom shop gave everyone a choice to pick up the bag that highlight one desire. We bikers relates immediately to the custom culture, where pimpin’ the bike is 2nd nature, color coordination over functionality at times.

With the choices available, we couldn’t help ourselves to the unique process, where one used to be able to get custom Timbuk2 only in North America. Custom Bag Builder is not that far off from now on!




Timbuk2 Singapore

Bugis Junction



some Haight-Ashbury moments – photo by Timbuk2


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