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Post event : restoring the trail to its natural state

Finally, time is elongated and we got to do a proper audit on the state of trails after an event.

The Cyclone Kent Ridge MTB Race left Kent Ridge with the least amount of scars. Races in dry weather, the riding surface retains its natural look and we are happy with it.

We took the chance to take down the race tapes, rebars (threatening rebars that shouldn’t be there) along the way. The whole mess is sum up in 2 big bag loads of tapes, about 20kg of rebars and 20 sticks.

The trail looks better with the natural green silhoutte with the lines winding in and out.

Tampines MTB Park still in a state of getting towards stabilization, even after 4 years since the trail get expanded.

We see numorous flooding from earth packing in the site drainage, and some unsightly mud pool that shouldn’t be there.

Most of the eneloop mountain bike carnival race items is taken off, and we took the final pieces around the seating around off a few days ago.

Given time and resources again, with the latter more important, we should need to bridge up the various mud pool, reroute if needed to make it a fun riding experience for all rides.