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Officially launched 17th Dec 2022

The Muiwo Bike Park is conceived to be the centerpiece of a extended network of mountain biking opportunities, the South Lantau Mountain Biking Network.

In 2016, Dirtraction together with IMBA Trail Solutions is contracted as the principal trail specialist to design the 14km trail system and the first bike park in Hong Kong.

While handling trail design, and providing the main project consultant, Jacobs China, with trail project oversight and management, Dirtraction crew work along and train the local civil engineering contractors during the build, and at times assist in the construction process for the various technical build.

MountainBikeTrails HongKong LantauMuiwo PracticeGround ClimbTrail MartinMaes
MountainBikeTrails HongKong LantauMuiwo PracticeGround ClimbTrail
MountainBikeTrails HongKong LantauMuiwo PracticeGround ClimbTrail
MountainBikeTrails HongKong LantauMuiwo PracticeGround ClimbTrail
MountainBikeTrails HongKong LantauMuiwo PracticeGround ClimbTrail


Located just about 100m in elevation above the Muiwo coastal village, the bike park, officially called Muiwo Practice Ground, will include various bits for almost everyone.

For the beginner mountain bikers, the skills area and loops allow for getting new friends and bikers into the sports, while a small tot track allows for the new generation of bikers to get their groove into riding and balancing.

The bike park highest point offers various fun options for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers. Serviced by an artery-like climb trail, the ‘start hill’ summit branches bikers off towards the various options. These includes a blue flow trail ‘Rollercoaster’, an easy beginner friendly cross country loop ‘Italy’, 3 progressive jump lines, a berm haven descent of the ‘Snake’ and a black diamond descent that will eventually connect all the way to Mui Wo.


The project includes a massive asphalt coated pump track, allowing for all weather fun and progressive play.

Riders will soon be able to sample some of the park bigger features. These includes a rock gap, bigger table tops and tunnel crossings.

MuiwoBikePark PumpTrack Aerial
Mui wo Bike Park Pump Track
MountainBikeTrails HongKong LantauMuiwo PracticeGround ClimbTrail


work in progress ~ Dec 2022

Chi Ma Wan mountain biking trail is legendary for the past 20 yrs. This trail have an open ended eastern end all along, requiring bikers to use various service road to complete a loop around.

Completing the loop is part of the project objective. The design includes a 4km long trail along the ridge lines of Shap Long Reservoir and Lo Yan Shan.

Scenic viewpoint, waterfall crossing and massive slab rock ride will form part of the experience.


Mui Wo Bike Park, or in its official name, Mui Wo Practice Ground, South Lantau officially opens on the 17th Dec 2022.

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MuiWoBikePark Launchday podium
MuiWo Bike Park Launchday podium