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With the National Mountain Bike Championship coming up in a couple of weeks,

a joint project by SACA-Dirtraction-National Parks Board is in hand again to rework the various sections of Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail.


the primate climb, series of short switchbacks back to the carpark
the primate climb, series of short switchbacks back to the carpark

The section in question this time is the exit of the trailhead to the visitor centre, where for years (at least a decade!) this fall line climb been eroding, patch up with quick fixes,

rebuild with water bars and tarmac blocks, and the cycle goes on years again.

With 1 month of pre-planning, we managed to gather the resources needed, rocks, earth, surfacing material and manpower for today build.

A series of 5 switchback will be added to this short section, cutting the fall-line into 7 segments.

The trail resemble previous work done a few months ago at Tampines Bike Park, with rollers and dip incorporated into tight corners to keep the ride interesting.

What made today different from other trail project done, we spent a good amount of time reforesting the old trails, replanting and relocating at least 15 young trees so to keep the old trail out of sight, and presentable the moment we finish it.


the old fall line
the old fall line


transformation - a totally different trail
transformation – a totally different trail


the flat climbing turn
the flat climbing turn

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