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waking up just as september ends

Alright, is about 2 months since we’ve done real work on the trail.

The past 2months were spent waiting for the rain and sediment to weather the trail, giving a good foundation before the heavy riding expected.
While Alvin and gang worked the new long downhill section with proper anti-erosion barrier, I spent my time nursing a bad wound and getting things done up for the tarmac riding lovers.

As fragile as any other forested area (secondary forest in this case), repopulation of open section become priority these 2 months. Personally do hope trail user can take precaution not to damage the repopulation effort when the park is finally open.

The XC trail is certainly ready for riding. We do have critical missing bits, signages and trail howto are still going through fabrication process. Just like any parks and area that involved public usage, these are must have. In the process of getting the bits together, GPS mapping is done up. We are certainly thrill with those new GPS, great foilage penetration.
Fern hill is ready, it should be the highest point for the XC trail.

Along the fern hill is certainly the nice newbie ride route, and yes we are certainly catering for as much riding as possible.

Today we started work on a new section, a section not for the faint-hearted. We are sure it’s going to be something new for most of us. Will update everyone further when it is near completion, ‘crash test dummies’ will be welcome then.

(for the record, this section is started around 5 days ago by Alvin and gang, certainly a major headstart in reviving trail construction)

stay tune, next some photographic evidence ..

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  1. thanks for the great job!…….have been driving there to check if there trail is open??….really looking forward to The Day…


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