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The crew is well rested after a few days of grass planting work.

we started the week with the finishing the lines at the frontage area.

and we took a stroll to check on the valley again to see how things are after a week.

green green grass of home. the valley restored to its natural greenish tint. note the lines, The Eel, The Hamburger Climbs are all visible


miracle! nature reclaim the bare constructed site within 7 days.


BMX start box all ready for the gate


Rajah and Shankar at the Boomerang. 5m to 3m to singletrack


through the looking grass and beyond the tree line


we cheated. a quick fix at the fall line filled frontage, rocks are placed in and compacted with a mixture of trail surfacing.


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  1. Fantastic..
    I’ve posted up the URL for this blog on an Oz forum…should get a few more hits…

    Hope you arrange for some more races before and after August…

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