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shady straight entry

the last 20metres.

shady shade entry is a ‘W’ shape mellow descent with tight zigzag and a series of easy drop off just before the finishing straight.


disturbing the grass


tight slight inslope corners brings the speed on for a good flow

2 thoughts on “shady straight entry”

  1. Really good work, keep up the work guys

    But by the way
    I recently read a previous post that you claimed the trail has been trimmed and the bridges are repaired?

    No way!

    Ive just been there and i had a very nasty surprise

    The bridges were torn apart, all broken
    The moonscape climb ( oh that climb) was ESPECIALLY overgrown, the trail could hardly be seen at one point of time. The kidney climbs are okay on the main trail, but one of the entry was just COVERED with grass.

    By the way, im not here to rant

    To the contractor/ poster of this blog
    Could i offer my service to help out in the NON-YOG section ( Bridge, trimming, whatever)? Since i suppose you all are concentrating on the impt. yog areas, i do not mind rendering my services and work along side with you all. Meaning i meet up with you all on some mornings to help out.

    Btw, will you all be working this saturday on labour day? ive a day off and could come down to help you all out if you do not mind.

  2. the moonscape climb bridge is repair.
    the jungle section is officially a closed section by Nparks and will be left as-is in disrepair state.

    the rest of the grass cutting will be done this saturday.

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