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The A-line and the chicken line

smooth flow into technical chute

the ride into the feedzone never going to be an easy task.

we’ve added 2 sections at the bottom of the slope, incorporating a technical line and a longish contour chicken line.

the trail crew got better in these few recent day and they are really master mason when it comes to rock work.

Jason led the team on the last berm, and got a huge berm built, a berm in which we’ve attempted no brakes high speed test run,

a continuation of what’s before it.


Bus Stop Rock Chute


stockpile of rocks, key to fast construction


culvert crossing, the rock drop got to be built on top of the drain


almost done. technical line being build, and chicken line at the foreground


cutting the chicken line


big berm for fast ride, no brakes!


technical rock garden, good enough for a Super D


variety of lines to be taken


Bus Stop B-Line


the lines


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  1. Hi!

    My dad and I exercise at the bike park regularly before the works at the entrance started. I’m interested in taking my pre-wedding photos at the park because it has a lot of significance to my family and I love the rugged terrain. Is it possible to get permission from you (or whoever in charge of the park) for my fiance, photographer and I to go there on the 3rd of May for our photoshoot?

    Pls contact me via my email. Thanks!!

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